Grateful. Powerful. Strong.

Brandy Tuttle is a speaker, spiritual teacher, energy worker, mother of two, business owner, and long-time Spiritual Warrior.

After overcoming illnesses that left the medical professionals baffled, she was inspired to write Grateful – Powerful – Strong: Next Level Navigation For the Spiritual Warrior, compiling her many personal stories that show us, by example, how to empower ourselves -- with deeds over words; real-life over bookish lessons.

With over three decades of counseling, speaking, hands-on teaching, and, most importantly, real-life, hard-core Spirit work, her understanding of that realm is profound. Brandy’s truly empathetic nature, in collaboration with Spirit, lead her to launch the Grateful – Powerful – Strong movement, providing Spiritually based books, events, journeys, and retreats to all people who believe in an inclusive approach to healing.

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Brandy Tuttle

Brandy has been called a “Spiritual midwife” for her ability to, “heal the worst in us - bring forth the best in us – and make us never look back.” She’s also been known to captivate audiences, filling the room with a palpable presence of Spirit unlike anything many had seen or felt before. Conversational techniques merge with real-life inspirational stories, allowing an intense, intimate and individual connection to her audience.

Proficient in many forms of energy work, Brandy has traveled the globe helping people, places and things alike. When she is not speaking, inspiring and educating personally, nationally and internationally, she splits her time between the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the beautiful high desert of Sedona, Arizona. Although she loves all things outdoors - hiking, biking and camping being among her favorites - she can also be found in the sunniest spot in the house, or curled up next to the fireplace, with her cat Sasha and a hot cup of tea.

More About Brandy
A visceral and touching memoir, as well as a guide to accessing spiritual power no matter one's faith, Grateful—Powerful—Strong provides wisdom on how to use mindful intention to heal our bodies, our minds, and our world.

Most self-help books just preach. Most self-help books don't work. Brandy Tuttle's GPS inspires by example. Her own vivid example. Which is why it works. Brandy's lifelong odyssey shows us how to conquer self-doubt, overcome fear, lean into life. And this life-changing wisdom is so easily understood because Brandy is a remarkable storyteller. All her experiences have forged an immutable connection to Spirit - her guiding force. Ours too.

From her first interactions with Dutch and the Medicine Man who helped heal him, thru her own sister's harrowing suicide, to her daughter's frightening near-drowning in Maui, to her other-worldly encounters inside the pyramids of Egypt, to the sudden loss of her beloved father, Brandy's adventures show us - not preach to us - how to master what we all must face: the unexpected challenges of life. And we get it because she places us smack in the middle of the dramatic action - so we share the moment full-force. Her experiences become our experiences; her Spirit becomes our Spirit. And we therefore remember and learn. Which is why GPS works. Few authors have this uncanny gift. Brandy has it in spades.

Peter Isrealson
Multi-Emmy-Nominated TV and Film Director
Drawing upon her own unique Native American perspective and life experience, Brandy Tuttle offers valuable insights into the Spirit world of healing and connecting with our deeper selves. Her writing is powerful and steeped in honesty, as she shares her wisdom in guiding us to becoming our own “Spiritual Warrior" in her book, Grateful – Powerful – Strong : Next Level Navigation for the Spiritual Warrior.
An absolutely beautiful, profoundly timely work of original intelligence, deep Spirit, and profound generosity.
Alexandra Fuller