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Inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and healer, Brandy Tuttle has been through many of life’s tough lessons. Amidst the toughest of them all, facing death, she pleaded with Spirit, “Why must I go through this?” She heard the words, “You need to know what it feels like to suffer without end and no hope.” She knew then that her journey had been hardwired to understand the darkest aspects of life, so she could in turn help others tap into their soul, trust their spiritual G.P.S. and come through the unimaginable, just as she did. Her personal stories show us how to empower ourselves with deeds over words; real-life over bookish lessons. You will be guided toward inner strength you didn’t know you had.

With more than 30 years of counseling, speaking, hands-on teaching, and, most importantly, real-life, hardcore Spirit work, her understanding is profound. Brandy has a truly empathetic nature that sets her apart. She will inspire you to work with your Guides as a team, honing in, and helping you navigate even the darkest aspects of yourself, safely and effectively. Moving you through blocks once seen as insurmountable, Brandy will help you find a renewed sense of vitality. She believes a fresh perspective and a new lease on life is a right, equally available to everyone. 

Brandy was born to transmute darkness into light. Having been guided since childhood in many forms of healing and energy work, she has been called upon to travel the globe, working on individuals and locations in need of healing and clearing. She currently speaks, inspires, and educates personally, nationally, and internationally. 

Brandy has been called a “Spiritual Midwife” for her ability to “Heal the worst in us, bring forth the best in us. And make us never look back.” She captivates, and immerses her audiences, filling the room with a palpable presence of Spirit, unlike anything most have seen or felt before. Her conversational techniques merge real-life stories with her innate ability to bring forth Spirit allowing an intense, intimate, and individual connection with her audience.

Look for her upcoming events and her online course: “Spiritual Grit, Tenacity and Resilience - in Times of Uncertainty.”


Grateful. Powerful. STrong.

With over three decades of counseling, speaking, hands-on teaching, and, most importantly, real-life, hard-core Spirit work, her understanding of that realm is profound. Brandy’s truly empathetic nature, in collaboration with Spirit, led her to launch the Grateful – Powerful – Strong movement, providing spiritually based books, events, journeys, and retreats to all people who believe in an inclusive approach to healing.
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What People Are Saying

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.In an age of self -help prophets-for-hire, Brandy Tuttle is the real deal. How do I know? Time and again, I’ve seen her perform mini-miracles, and I’m as cynical as it gets. I’ve actually witnessed her heal seriously ill people, revive ailing animals and even release lost souls from the grave. How does she do it? By helping connect us with our Spirits. This is her unique gift. And it is mighty.
Peter Isrealson | Internationally-known Director
Brandy Tuttle honors her Native American lineage lighting up the room with graceful storytelling skills that enchant her audience.
Julie Elledge Ph.D., LMFT
Brandy Tuttle uses her Native American spiritual heritage, and her compassionate insight into human nature, to help people find inner peace, healing, and new directions.
Ted Kerasote | National Bestselling Author

My session with Brandy lasted about 3 hours, in that time I felt an incredible Spiritual awakening!
I was for the first time formally introduced to my guides, who have been there for me all along. I felt a sense of strength and love for myself that was unconditional. I grew to understand and appreciate myself; soul and Spirit. Through that healing I found freedom in life that is better than I could ever have imagined.

Lida Steves
Brandy has a palpable and beautiful devotion and commitment to guiding individuals on a journey towards a place of safety and an interconnected world, many of us have forgotten. Through her wisdom and knowledge of Spiritual practices, I was reconnected to my ancestors and was able to invite their strength and power to assist me in showing up in a full and more authentic way in my life.
Robbin Trailkill

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